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22 April 2019
FNB Stadium, Johannesburg

Big Concerts


To source a unique venue and build an event space to host one of the world's biggest classical stars in a beautiful and tranquil outdoor setting.

Objectives and Strategy

The polo field of Val de Vie Estate, enfolded by three awe-inspiring mountain ranges, would act as the natural open-air amphitheatre for the first ever concert of the Italian maestro in the Western Cape. It would also be the first international concert held at the venue in 10 years.

Set against a symphony of sunset colours, attendees of the exclusive event could expect a unique experience in one of the most beautiful settings in Africa.

The entire festival ground would need to be built from scratch and all infrastructure would be brought in - including catering for public, toilets, backstage offices and artist dressing rooms with comfortable furniture and draping to finish it all off.

Meticulous consideration for the environment, polo fields and horses needed to be taken into account. This would mean strategically working within a limited timeframe in order to minimise damage to the polo fields – as such the set-up and strike would need to be done at quickly and at the last minute.


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